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Tomato Water and Tomato Water Cocktails
Prep Time
10 mins
Total Time
10 mins

How to use leftover tomato seeds and juice to make tomato water and a refreshing tomato water cocktail recipe with lime and chives.

Recipe Type: Cocktail
Cuisine: American
Keyword: tomato water cocktails
Makes: 1 cocktail
Author: Elizabeth Stark
Tomato Water (Makes about 2 cups)
  • 1 quart tomato juices and seeds
Tomato Water Cocktails
  • 4 ounces tomato water
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 2 tablespoons

    fresh squeezed lime juice

  • Tiny pinch sea salt
  • 1 – 3 shakes Tabasco sauce
  • Lime slice and cherry tomatoes for garnish
  1. (If you didn’t can pounds upon pounds of tomatoes, skip to the front of the line and make tomato water with these instructions.)
  2. To make tomato water, push tomatoes and liquid through a mesh strainer to remove seeds. Reserve all liquid and discard seeds. Clean strainer.

  3. Line the same strainer with a double layer of cheesecloth, or even more for a very clear water. (You can also use a large Chemex filter, as I did). Set strainer over a large bowl and pour the tomato liquid into the lined strainer. Set everything in the fridge overnight.

  4. Don’t try to push tomato water through or your liquid may cloud. Discard red solids and reserve clear tomato water in a jar.

  5. To make cocktails, combine tomato water, vodka, lime, and sea salt in an ice-filled shaker. Gently swirl for 30 seconds. Strain into ice-filled Old Fashioned glasses. Add a few shakes of Tabasco and garnish with lime, cherry tomatoes, and (if desired) chive stalks.